Spring 2018 – Triptych with Pets by Shawn Rosenheim

Photograph Credit: Shawn Rosenheim   Triptych with Pets 1. I had Barron for two years.  He was the first dog I’d owned as an adult — a portly black Lab who never missed a chance to escape.  Our yard was large, but not large enough for Barron: whenever one of the kids left a door […]

Spring 2018 – Pink Man by Michael Chin

Image Credit: Michael Chin PINK MAN I started losing Tim when he hit high school. I guess everyone does. After all, what are those teenage years for but developing independence by way of rejecting your parents? I stayed out past curfew to make out in vacant parking lots, then started climbing out my bedroom window […]

Spring 2018 – Poetry by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Photograph Credit: Alonso Inostrosa Psijas   White Dog Dawn. I descend to the lower level of our home. And there in the yard is a large soft- haired white dog on its haunches, statuesque yet cloud-like in the morning haze. He should have been in my dream, or perhaps he is, as I ascend, once again, […]