Works-In-Progress, March 9th: Dr. Travis Beaver

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that!”: Anxious Masculinities and Gendered Homophobia Travis Beaver, Assistant Professor of Sociology Monday, March 9th, 12pm Location: Murdock 218 While there is evidence of decreasing social acceptance of homophobia in the US, surveys show that significant numbers of LGBTQ individuals have experienced discrimination because of their sexual orientation or […]

Works-In-Progress, April 1st: Dr. Hannah Noel

“Trash Music: Class and Strategic Whiteness in Bro-Country and Country-Rap” Hannah Noel, Assistant Professor of Multiethnic Studies & the Digital Humanities Wednesday, April 1st, 12pm Location: Murdock 218 Using the video sharing app TikTok, black country-rap artist Lil Nas X created a meme out of his song “Old Town Road” that helped catapult it to […]

Works-In-Progress, April 13th: Dr. Mark Miller

“Life Birds: A Life’s Work, in Progress” Mark Miller, Professor of English & Communications Monday, April 13th, 12pm Location: Murdock 218 Life Birds: An Ornithological Autobiography is a mixed-genre work based on the author’s life-list, the list a birder keeps of all the different species of birds they see during their lifetime. Life Birds has […]

Works-In-Progress, April 24th: David Lane

“SOPHIE AND THE MUMMERS — Building Bridges of Empathy With Silent Narrative” David Lane, Artist-In-Residence & Guest Lecturer of Fine and Performing Arts Friday, April 24th, 12pm Location: The Design Lab at 49 Main Street The next great American play might not be written on a laptop. Devised theatre practices are opening up new avenues […]